Marathon : solo


I have been sleeping a lot less these days. Did not get to bed until after 2 last night and not asleep before 3. Not good.
My the time I got up after 8 AM Tamami had already left for golf so a solo breakfast breakfast and morning alone again.

Got my Tokyo Marathon haircut….
It was not long since my last haircut but it seems to be growing faster these days. Sign of age maybe.


Despite little sleep I felt very strong this morning.
Being home alone and with the gym suspended I did some exercises.

Push Ups 150
Stomach crunches 200
Quad exercises with weights 20 x 2 both legs.
back stretches 10

Did not fancy another long solo run through the suburban streets so I decided to run some hills.
Ran 2 Km warm up and then ‘sprinted ‘ up a hill 8 times. I seemed to be moving quite well. Tried to really pump my arms and get my knees up.
Last time I did these I walked down but today I jogged down…well I did stagger around gasping after each hill for a few seconds….but over all felt ok. 🙂


Tamami had gone back to the golf course after lunch to play another round of golf and have a meal there. So it was a solo dinner at home for me. A bit of home cooking by me.
Maybe I should make a few more meals for myself. Not too bad if I say so myself. 🙂



All replies welcome.

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