Marathon : Long Run coming up.


Tomorrow morning I am going to try another long run. Last Sunday’s Long Run was pretty much a disaster. I really struggled to run the 30 Km having to really dig deep in the last 4 Kms.
Tomorrow I hope to do better.


TODAY: an easy 3 Km with Tamami.

Three weeks until the Tokyo Marathon.

Quiet day at home:
Push Ups : 150
Stomach Crunches 200
Leg lifts with weights 20 x 2 each leg
Back stretches 10 x 2

I purchased a book written by a Masters Athlete who runs very very fast in his late 50s.
He lives in Sydney and I may go and have a chat with him after the Paris Marathon.
Even in my wildest dreams I could not match him,but maybe I can learn a thing or three.


Feeling quite good at the moment. Maybe it is the meals Tamami is serving me.


All replies welcome.

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