Marathon : Short Long Run


It was very wet today. Rain and more rain. I wore a rain jacket which may or may not have helped.Took a gel before starting. I think that was a good move. Wore a hat as well. Hard conditions but…but….far better than running in the heat.

Only ran 23 Km.Still find the distance fairly long but was getting into it when I stopped.

I did not look at my watch/ Garmin and was a little disappointed at the overall pace. Maybe the wet paths slowed me down. I ran around all the puddles as I am too wimpy to run for two or three hours with wet shoes and soxs. So there is an excuse. Did I mention that it rained all the time? 🙂

Tamami gave me a very tasty smoothie after the run. I am SO fortunate.


Easy Afternoon.
Push ups 100
Stomach crunches 200
Back stretches 10 x 2


Blood pressure 135/75
Heart Rate 45

Weight 65.1 Kgm.

Three weeks exactly until the Tokyo Marathon


All replies welcome.

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