Marathon: Battling on


Tamami left with the first rays of the sun this morning so it was for me breakfast alone again. As I was by myself all morning I went for a solo mid week medium long run.

RUN: I ran pretty much the same route as I did on Sunday. But this time there was no rain which made it a lot easier. 17 degrees. Quite windy but so what? Only training.

I ran about 24 Km. Does not sound like much but I still find doing this type of run alone quite hard. Distance no real problem but just running along alone for 2 hours tests me.
I still have knee problems. I was struggling badly around 20 Km but did keep running despite a few sections when I seemed to be limping.

I thought I just had to keep going. I knee that once I stopped even for some water I would have trouble starting again. And when you are running alone of course there is no one to help you if your body just packs up and refuses to move!



Blood pressure after running was 112/70 which for me is good.

Heart Rate 58….I did not expect it to be other than high after running.

Weight : 64.7 Kgm…142 pounds….2 pounds up on school weight of 1969. But I am doing more weight work now…so maybe it is muscle…or maybe I am just getting fat.

THIRD wedding anniversary TODAY:

Tamami is having lunch at the golf club but she left lunch here for me to eat by myself. Crusket things were a bit old and soggy but it’s the thought that counts. And I suppose if I am going to eat food this is as good as any.


RUN today….apart being a bit mentally testing running by myself was ok.I was only a minute slower on the return journey and. Seemed to be running into a wind a lot of the way. Also when I ran some hills with about 2 Km to go I was sort of limping and must have looked an odd sight moving so slowly.

RECOVERY : Tamami left a banana out for me before she left for golf, so I ate that immediately I got home. I am thinking it is a good move to have something quite quickly after finishing the run. So that is a small plus for today.


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