Marathon : pushing forward to the race.


Ran a solid enough 24 Km yesterday by myself.Probably did not need to do too much today.
However Tamami wanted to run a hard 30 Km early to start the day off well. She left shortly after my breakfast and I followed her one hour 22 minutes later.

I met Tamami after half an hour and ran just short of a hour with her. Giving me a run of just over 88 minutes.Nothing flash but a good enough run for the day.

Tamami pulled up well running her fastest Km at 30 Km. Over all she ran very well especially on the hills near the end.


My blood pressure was again good at 107/70
Heart Rate 51. Did not expect much after the run.

Glad I did the run today even though my knee felt a little wonky after yesterday.


Bit lazy
50 push ups
100 stomach crunches
Back exercises 10 x 2

Feeling very strong but I worry about my knee just collapsing under me mid race.


Not long until the Tokyo Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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