Marathon : Two weeks to go.


Well there will be two weeks until the Toyko Marathon come this Sunday.

Hot day today in Melbourne. About 36 degrees.Summer running.
Josie was over from America. Ran an easy 6 Km with her. Very enjoyable despite it being a tad warm.


20 hamstring curls
10 clams each leg ( never done before)
Back Stretches 10 x 3
Quad exercises with weights ( new) 10 each leg. Do they help?

Push ups 150
Crunches 200


Blood Pressure: 136/81 I blame the heat
Heart rate 50 ( just after push ups so expected to be high).

Still sore. I will test it with a solid 10 Km tomorrow morning.

I am inclined not to do another one at this stage. I will probably run a timed half marathon just to see if my knee will hold up.

NOT long now.

All replies welcome.

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