Marathon :TWO weeks tomorrow


Ah…feeling a little nervous. Two weeks tomorrow until the Tokyo Marathon.

Another hot day today. Certainly did not feel much like getting out on the road and running for an hour in the heat.


Again I ran too soon after breakfast. When will I learn ?
Felt pretty miserable on the way out but on the return started to feel more alive.
I made a number of hard efforts…kind of like a sprint. Certainly hurt so that must be good.


Measurements today were nothing flash but OK.

Weight 65.2 Kgm
Blood Pressure 116/79
Heart Rate 49 ( I blame the heat 🙂 )

Usual exercise
Push ups 100
Crunches 100 ( lazy)
Back stretch 10 x 2
Leg curls 20 ( scared to do more)

I am still suffering from a sore knee.
The run today was ok ( eventually).
After running I kind of looked like a dead person…see photo.



All replies welcome.

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