Marathon: Perhaps last medium long before Marathon.


With the Tokyo Marathon coming up Sunday week Tamami and I decided to do a medium long run this morning.

I am having a little knee trouble but I banged some tape on in the hope that may lessen the pain.


We started reasonably well but as always the first few Kms were pretty slow.
At about 12 Km I left Tamami and ran the last 8/9 Kms alone. I think I tried hard.
Time for the 21 Km approx was not super fast but ok for a training run. 1-46.53 for me and about two minutes longer for Tamami.

We both pulled up pretty well.


EXERCISES….lazy day
Push ups 50
Crunches 100
Back stretches 10 x 2

Heart Rate…52 ( Run got it up so high)

WEIGHT : 65.0 Kgm…..OK.

Arrived today. Written by a Masters runner whose times are amazing ! Almost 60 years old and he has gone sub 32 for 10 Km. Fantastic.
Maybe I can learn something.



One thought on “Marathon: Perhaps last medium long before Marathon.

  1. Please have that looked at! I hope it’s nothing serious, but knees can potentially be one of those things where damage can be permanent if ignored! Usually some correction early on – maybe different shoes or a brace or even just a change in technique could be all the fixing it needs, but best advised by someone who knows about both knees and running. Good luck for the marathon, and awesome work on the training!

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