Marathon : Next week Tokyo


THIS TIME next week I will be in Japan. Feeling a tad nervous.

Another hot day in Melbourne town.
Ran for exactly an hour with Josie.We ran along a track called Warburton Trail which apparently goes for around 40 Km.
Maybe have a shot one day at running it all.
After about five minutes we stopped at a road crossing and my knee completely collapsed. I could no longer run…or really walk.
But I recovered and ran on.
It was a really enjoyable run….lots and lots of running talk.

Yet more heat.
I ran 5.5 Km. Finished quite well.
A little hot on finishing.


125 push ups
200 stomach crunches ( felt sick…maybe too many)
Quad lifts with weights 10 x 2 each leg. ( Doctor said do every second day)
Back stretches 10 x 3
Used the roller on my quads

On this day Every year I try on my 1984 Red Devil Tee Shirt to see if it still fits.


WEIGHT : 65.6 Kgm.
BLOOD pressure : 125/81

Tamami left early to slam out another hard 20 Km….maybe a smidge more.
I sat on the sofa and had a coffee.


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