Marathon: Tokyo Marathon next week.



I go to Japan on Wednesday night and run the Tokyo Marathon on the Sunday.
When I started training 7 weeks ago the race seemed a long way in the future. Now it is right on top of me.

Last couple of days have been fairly hot in Melbourne. I have run every day of course. But I can not say I enjoy the heat.


Fairly easy 45 minute run. ( 24 degrees…felt hotter)
100 Push ups
200 stomach crunches
30 back stretches.

29 degrees….not impossible but not really that much fun.
Ran my usual 30 minute run….ran in 28.30.
150 push ups
200 stomach crunches.

30 back stretches
20 quad lifts with weights.

WEIGHT: 65.0 Kgm. ( 143 pounds). I have given myself a target of being less than 66 kilos for this marathon.No particular reason. Maybe for Paris I will try to get under 65.We shall see.

BLOOD PRESSURE: 131/85….not perfect but Doctor said get under 140 which I have done.


Taking time to stop and smell the ( home grown ) roses.

All replies welcome.

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