Marathon: How much should I taper?


I am running the Tokyo marathon next Sunday so I have one week to go.
In the past I have not really been into tapering much.Maybe just scale back on Thursday Friday and just a jog on Saturday,the day before the race.

However for next Sunday’s race I plan to take it fairly easy for the week.
Today I ran just under 13 Km at Race Pace. I found this reasonably hard. Perhaps due to the heat. It was only 26 but certainly felt hotter.
Kept the pace all the way and kicked it down for the last two Kms.


Weight : 64.4 Kgm Not too concerned about my weight. It will probably race heavier than this.

BLOOD PRESSURE : 101/64 This is about as low as I can ever recall it being.

HEART RATE : 48 I don’t expect anything wonderful here. I will get it down later in the year. Maybe for the Paris Marathon in April.

I leave for Japan late Wednesday night and arrive early Thursday morning. If I feel ok I will get out onto the paths around the canals next to my apartment and get the feel of the cooler weather.

Tomorrow,Monday,I will go for an easy run just to turn my legs over.


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