Marathon Taper: Tokyo on Sunday.


I have been training for 8 weeks now. Tokyo Marathon on Sunday.

Back in the 80s I did not really do much Tapering. But back then I used to do the carbo loading complete with depletion phase and long run on the Sunday before the race. Not good.

My Blood Pressure has been creeping back up lately. I will concentrate my mind on bringing it down. Doctor said keep it 140 or better. I will do better.

So far this is what my week has been.

Very easy ONE Km jog….500m along the road..U turn and home. Felt a bit weird.Put more time into putting my shoes on than running.
Blood pressure : 137/86
Heart Rate 47

What I call the Long Block…about 3 Km….with Tamami. Maybe a tad faster than I would like.
Blood pressure : 128/91
Heart Rate 49


Steady 6 Km with Mi chan.
I think we ran ok.
20 degrees….good temperature….not sure how will cope with cold Tokyo weather.
Blood Pressure 122/75
Heart Rate 52 ( high because I took after running)


TAPER: I go to Japan tonight. I will run the canals tomorrow to get a feel for the temperature.

Bring it on.



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