Tokyo Marathon Tomorrow


Arrived in Japan Early Thursday after a reasonable flight from Melbourne.
Very cold weather but not killer weather.Maybe 5 degrees.


Despite feeling a little tired got out onto the paths along the side of the canals and ran an easy 3 Km. Felt great after running in hotter conditions back in Australia.So much diffrent running in these conditions.

FRIDAY: Went to the expo and got my number. Expo was as always good with lots of giveaways.
Given a nice red plastic poncho which may well come in handy as the chances of rain are meant to be 60%. can wear this up to the start and throw away once I cross the starting line.

No snow….so whatever the weather throws at us we will be able to handle.


Ran a fairly steady 5 Kms with Tamami along the canal paths. Felt like I should run more.
Felt good but developed a bit of a head cold afterwards. However I hope to be 100% come tomorrow.
I tried out my running hat and sleeves….both caused me no problems.
If it rains I prefer wearing a hat.
I will also wear sunglasses although they are not really needed. I just like running in them.


Hopefully this race will go well. I am hoping for a time similar to Melbourne’s 3-48.


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