Marathon: Back in Australia: Recovery


Arrived back last night to a place where the weather suits my clothes.

Flight was delayed so eventually got to bed a bit after 3 AM this morning. However on the plus side I have given up traveling Cattle Class on planes. Business Class was far more comfortable and the service ten times as good. So over all a pretty decent trip.


It has been 5 days since I ran the Tokyo marathon. I know I should not continue to slob around but feeling a tad tired and seem to have developed a slight cold.
However Medical Science has pretty much proved that head colds can be cured by a decent run.
Accordingly I hit the road about 5 PM and ran my usual 6 Km.
Not far I know but I am generally lazy.

RUN: Around 6 Km in a decent enough clip.
Felt clumsy to start with but near the end seemed to get it together.
Temp was 23 degrees which is a lot warmed than the 7 degrees I raced in on Sunday.

WEIGHT: 67.7 Kgm…..up I know but I have been eating like a horse since the Marathon.
I will get it down soon enough.

BLOOD PRESSURE : 126/89 For me that is acceptable.

HEART RATE: 51. Taken after running today so expected it to be high.

I can do better.

PARIS MARATHON: 6 weeks come Sunday.



All replies welcome.

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