Marathon : The Art of Recovery.


There are many views on how to recover from a Marathon.
What works for some may not work for others.
For me I plan to run everyday but to take it very easy for about two weeks after the race.
I currently feel fantastic six days after the race. HOWEVER I believe that one can feel fantastic but not necessarily BE fantastic. And it is for this reason I am backing off on my training and not doing too much.


TODAY: I went back to the gym and pushed some weights and did some (200) stomach crunches on the exercise ball. I worked with 10kgm dumbbells ( 10 kilos in each hand).
I only worked out for 30 minutes so that was pretty easy.
Not a great fan of the gym but I do it.

RUN: I used my flashy new light weight racing shoes for the first time. Felt wonderful.


SIX WEEKS till the Paris Marathon.
I wore my Paris marathon T-Shirt when I ran today.
Temperature was 33 degrees…a far cry from the temperature of 6 or 7 degrees that I experienced in Tokyo. Felt like running in a furnace.
I think I am passed running in the heat. Or it way be I am just a bit wimpy.


Blood Pressure 132/88. That is a pass
Heart Rate : 48 ( after dinner )

Tomorrow: I will run an easy 10km.

Recovery continues.


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