Paris Marathon: Holding back


Less than six week until the Paris Marathon. It is tempting to start running again. But it is just over a week since I ran the Tokyo Marathon. I am trying to be wise.
I ran Tokyo with a sore knee which to some extent still hurts me.
Thus I rest. I recover.
No running for me…well maybe a little.


Wearing my flashy new super fast light weight racing shoes I ran my usual 30 minutes path run.
I did it in 29.06. But I could have run a lot faster. I felt good from the outset and the light weight shoes felt great. BUT I am showing restraint. Sit back and recover and hopefully come back stronger.

I have birthday before Paris. I will be older in Paris than I was in Tokyo. AND faster !


Today…well I could have done more BUT I did spend all morning stomping around the Golf Course being the nice guy Caddy.
Tomorrow I will do twice what I did today. Which was…..

Push ups: 50
Crunches : 100

Blood pressure 132/78….acceptable.
Heart Rate: 49 : Taken after running but also after shower.So Ok.Nothing great but not too bad for someone a little unfit and deep into rest and recover mode.

REST of week…what is on the menue….
Nothing other than short runs…gym sessions and lots and lots of stomach crunches and push ups.
Oh did I mention some running…..but not much running….I rest.



All replies welcome.

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