Marathon : Paris…plans


The first step in my journey to the Paris Marathon in April is to recover completely from the Tokyo Marathon. My plan is to take two weeks rest after Tokyo.This week is the second week.
I am having an easy time and hopefully my body is recovering.
Next week I will start my cunning plan. 🙂

GYM: Went to the Gym this morning.
50 minutes. I think that is enough. Plus it was very crowded. Next Tuesday we move to the new Gym. That should make life a little easier in the weight room.
Also did 400 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.
Not a great fan of the gym but am looking forward to the flashy new ( large ) premises.


RUN. As I am resting I did not do much.
Ran my usual ‘ one hour run ‘ with Tamami.
Kept it reasonably slow although pace increased a little at the end and we finished in 58.20.
22 Degrees but felt hotter. I felt very good….well maybe it was the slow pace.
Wore my old heavy shoes…I think that was a smart move.


Blood Pressure 121/77. Now that is good for me.
Heart Rate. 57. Not sure why so high. I did do a lot of lawn mowing today….does that count as cross training? Maybe all that home garden stuff forced my HR up.

NOT LONG till I can start training for Paris…..should be great.



All replies welcome.

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