Marathon : Paris April 12 th


Whilst still in recovery mode from the Tokyo Marathon which I ran almost a couple of weeks ago I went out last night and ate up big …Pizza….well half a pizza….
My Will power is non existent.


WEIGHT : After such a pork out I expected my weight to sky rocket. I was happy with my Friday weigh in of 64.6 Kilos. That’s like about 142 pounds in old speak. I was 140 at school so have not gained too much in last 46 years.
I think I can drop some weight once I start running again.

Had a really bad night sleep wise and felt a bit ill right from the start.
Ran for 90 minutes. Not fast. Around the 17 Km Mark.
Finished well. Wore my old shoes which cut my heal. Blood on the shoes. No big deal.
Still in recovery mode so no need to do too much yet.
After the first hour I started to feel ok… Sort of….so it was an enjoyable run in it’s way.


Push ups 100
Crunches 250
Back stretches 10x 5
Crunches with weight behind my head : 20 ( hard).
Push ups with lifting weights at same time…50 ( very hard)

I know I must do more….Gym tomorrow morning….I will really hammer myself.

AFTER running
Tamami gave me some yummy recovery food. Feeling hungry as only had a small breakfast. This fruit stuff covered for Lunch.
Also had a couple of coffee….maybe not that good for me but I am weak willed.


133/85… Acceptable…not great….
Heart Rate:
50 : after push ups…my excuse.

Just over FIVE weeks till Paris Marathon.



All replies welcome.

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