PARIS MARATHON : training starts tomorrow.


Today was the final day in my two week recovery from running the Tokyo Marathon.
For no particular reason I decided that a two week rest and recovery period would suit me.

FIVE weeks until the Paris Marathon.

I will start training tomorrow.It will be great to get back into it.

YESTERDAY ( Saturday)
GYM : 60 minutes. 500 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.
RUN : An easy 3km.

NEW gym opens Tuesday. Here is a photo of the new place ! 🙂


TODAY : Sunday.
A friend suggested we run with her down along the coastal path.

Plan was to run about 15 Km but we ended up running slightly less than 20 Km.
Ran at a pace just slightly slower than race pace. Certainly felt faster at the start than what I am used to but eventually I got into it and actually felt I would have liked to run faster. But not today…I am still in resting mode.

It was an enjoyable run and a good conclusion to my rest period.

Here is a picture of two of the runners who dragged me along.


TOMORROW I will begin my training for Paris with an easy 63 minute run.

MY PLAN for the first week of training is to just ease into it fairly gently.
Wednesday maybe 21 Km. Friday I will try 25 Km. ( Was thinking of 30km but maybe too soon for that ). Other days I will rest and just push weights in the Gym and run easy for 6 and 10 Kms.


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