Marathon Training started today. Paris April 12 th


Today I started training for the Paris Marathon in 5 weeks time.

As it is my birthday today I ran 63 minutes with Tamami.
Easy run. Certainly did not want to do too much on the first day.


PLAN for this WEEK is to take it really easy and just get my legs turning over.
I certainly don’t want to do too much too soon. I still have almost 5 weeks until Paris.

MONDAY : Easy 63 minutes
TUESDAY : AM: Gym. PM Easy 6 Km
WEDNESDAY : AM 21 Km. Not over fast but not slow. PM Gym ( free pass!)
THURSDAY : Easy 6 Km
FRIDAY : Longer run 25 Km.
SATURDAY : AM Gym PM easy 6
SUNDAY : ? Probably nothing,just an easy 12 Km.

Today was extra good as Tamami ran with me. Birthday treat.


PARIS marathon : April 12 th.
If I can run well here I will not do any more Marathons this year…well except Melbourne.
I will concentrate on staying healthy and trying to run a little faster.



All replies welcome.

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