Marathon Training: Medium Long Run


Today is the third day of my training for the Paris Marathon on April 12 th.
This morning Tamami and I ran what I call a medium long run. The aim was to run around half the Marathon distance.
We were not particularly concerned with how long it would take. Rather the idea was just simply to cover the distance.
In what we found to to be reasonably warm conditions we ran around 21 Km in 1-56.
A very slow start contributed to the time more than it should.
Still we did what we planned to do.


WEIGHT : 63.4 kilos….lightest I have been for a while.

BLOOD PRESSURE : 118/81…. Another good result.

Heart Rate : 49 beats per minute….not great but ok.

Not too bad condition but still a long way to go.


NEXT STEP…a long run. I think 25 Km on Friday should fit the bill. That should be enough longish runs for the first week



All replies welcome.

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