Marathon: Getting ready for a longer run


Now that I am well into my first week of training ( 4 th day ) I plan to go for my first longer run tomorrow. I am aiming at 24 Km ( 15 miles). Not that long but will give my body an idea what to expect over the distance. As training goes on I will run this distance at a faster clip. But tomorrow the idea is just to cover the distance at a steady pace.
I also plan to do some longer runs but that is a story for another day.

GYM : Today I went to the NEW gym for the first time. Certainly with everything new and sparkling clean it makes you want to do more. However I did not really want to do too much today so I kept it at 35 minutes. 200 stomach crunches on the ball as well.


RUN: Just my usual shorty. 5.5 Km. Again I did not want to do too much. I did 21 Km yesterday and plan to do 24 tomorrow so easy does it. Or is that just an excuse for being lazy.


100 push ups
200 stomach crunches
Back stretches 10 x 4
hamstring stretches 10 each leg.

HEART RATE After running 57 (!!)

So pretty much of a rest day today.



All replies welcome.

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