Marathon : Long Run


First long run done this morning. 25 Km.
In fact it was not that long and also not that fast ( 2 hrs 15 min…about 3-47 Marathon pace).
AIM of today was simply cover the distance with no stops ( no water,no gels,no traffic lights).
So I suppose we did what we planned.
Can not say it was a walk in the park but good enough. I still have 4 weeks until the Paris Marathon and Tamami San has 5 weeks until the Manachester Marathon.
We both plan to be a lot stronger by race day.


I handled today’s run OK and certainly could have run faster. But I still found it reasonably hard.I was glad to finish.
As always when I do these runs I have an assortment of aches and pains. But as the old saying goes ” It will be better on the day”.


WEIGHT: 63.7 Kilos….that’s about 140 pounds which was my weight at school in 1969.
Maybe one day I can stop pigging out on food and drop under 62 kilos. Or maybe that is just a dream. 🙂


All replies welcome.

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