Marathon Training: Tempo run.


Less than 4 weeks until the Paris Marathon. Starting to get nervous.

Today I ran a self invented ‘ tempo ‘ run. Actually I am not sure it is technically a Tempo run but regardless it was something different.

Run consisted of
2.6 Km jog
Hard 2km
2km approx jog
Hard 2 Km
2.6 Km steady run.

Distances are set by cross roads but are pretty much what I wanted to do.

Found the ‘ hard’ bits ( which of course were the basis of this run ) very hard.

FIRST hard effort:
I started really well and seemed to fly. Unfortunately that feeling lasted about 200m.
Tried very hard and ran distance in 7.04.
Afterwards I staggered around feeling terrible.

Distance was of course less than 2 Km but certainly felt long enough.

SECOND hard effort.
The reverse of the first.
Started a bit slower and didn’t try to ‘ sprint ‘ the last 50m like in the first effort.
Felt a bit better upon finishing.

maybe reverse run is faster….time will tell.

Ran the last 2.6 Km home quite well.

I will try this session again even though I felt really really bad at times.
No doubt my body is not used to this ‘ faster ‘ running.

Measured my SLEEP patterns last night….for what it’s worth here are the results.



All replies welcome.

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