Marathon: What to do on a rest day.


I had a hard(ish) Tempo type run yesterday and plan a medium long tomorrow. So today is all about rest and recovery. Or to say it another way ‘ Gym and running ‘.

Slept badly and felt pretty miserable this morning.No my usual happy self. 😦

Put in a very long session at the Gym today. I want to work hard with the weights but at the same time don’t want to injure myself. Today was a reasonable effort I think. back and shoulders a bit sore afterwards but this is to be expected.

I am still carrying fat around my stomach.Did 400 ball crunches which made me feel a little sick.More cardio needed to strip off the layers of fat that surround my middle!!

25 degrees and about to rain. Not my ideal conditions.
Feeling hungry before I started. I have given up eating between meals but still eat food at meal times. I lack will power !

Used my second best pair of racing shoes and felt quite good. Hills were hard but that’s maybe because I have not done enough of them. Or maybe just wimpy.
Only ran about 6 Km. I finished well even though I look a bit dead in the pic.
Felt I was actually running rather than just plonking along like for aged fat person.


I am wearing a Fitbit band now. Tells you various things such as how many steps you take a day.
Not too many today as I feel a bit run down.

Here is what it tells you


Just over 3 and a half weeks until the Paris Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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