Marathon: Medium Long Mid Week run.


Probably it was a poor decision this morning to eat a normal breakfast as I felt pretty ordinary for the first 10kms of this morning’s run. Something to learn from.

23 degrees and fairly humid and hilly course. Heat,Humidity,Hills. But it is training so no big deal.

Nowadays I am very slow…so when I picked up the pace at 18 Km my next few Km times were only 5.22, 5.18,5.34( bridge !),5.23.

With 2 Km I tried to get out of my usual dead man’s shuffle and ran Km number 24 in 4.59. This may not sound like much but I am hardly ever under 5 these days,sad as it is.
However under 5 is under 5….so no real complaints.

For the 25th Km I really tried hard but the best I could manage was 4.11.
This is almost a sprint for me these days which makes it doubly sad. 😦



WEIGHT 63.7 Kgm.
This is ok but I may try to knock a little bit off in the next month.

Not too bad a run. No water stops or Gels. Had a throat lozenge sweet at 10 Km.
Wore my second best light weight racing shoes….this proved a good move.

I tried to run the hills a little faster. I went down hills at a snails pace as I am still scared of falling.

I will try a LONG run on Friday.
Not long until the Paris Marathon. Hopefully I will be better on the day.


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