Marathon :a little bit of speed training


I probably need to do a lot more of this type of training but it’s less than three weeks until the Paris Marathon so this will have to be it until I get back from Japan in May.

Reasonably hot today at 27 degrees. But overcast and no direct sun so it could have been worse.Still, not my ideal conditions.

Aim today was to have a crack at running a fair bit faster than I have been doing as of late.

3 Km approx easy jog.
Hard 2 Km approx run. 8 seconds slower than last week over same distance.Held back a smidgen.
Slow 2 Km approx. Jog.
Second Hard 2km…8 seconds FASTER than last week.
Slow 3 Km jog home.

Certainly felt hard.


Push ups 100
Stomach crunches 200
Must do more.

Today’s training was something I found hard. Last week I did not pull up too well and today I was none to chipper after the first run.But generally a fair better.
I suppose this is something you get used to if you do enough of.
Good training me thinks. 🙂



All replies welcome.

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