Marathon : Maybe change the plan.


I am thinking of altering my running plans for the rest of this week.

My original plan was an easy day today and a medium run ( 25 Km) tomorrow and a longer run on Friday (30-35 Km). On Thursday I planned to take another rest day with a Gym session in the morning and an easy 10 Km run in the afternoon.

After a hard effort yesterday in the heat ,today’s run was done entirely in the rain. Yesterday it was 27 when I ran,whilst today it was about 13 degrees. Melbourne weather !!

When I started out in the road this afternoon I felt great running in the cooler conditions. But on the way home I felt tired in the legs whilst going up one of the hills.
My run today was only 8 Km . Took me 42 minutes.
I think I ran ok but my legs just felt heavy.


Tomorrow I will see how I feel once I get out on the road. Maybe I will run only 20 Km if I feel as bad as I did today. In addition I will perhaps do my long run on Saturday and give myself an extra recover day.

Today I wore a rain jacket. I just could not face going out into the heavy rain in just a T-Shirt. Maybe my will power is just disappearing. 😦


Only 75 push ups and 100 crunches today. 😦

Leaving for Japan next week then onto Europe.


All replies welcome.

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