Marathon: Medium Long:Hard


Mid week medium long run today.
Not that long really. 20 Km.
Rather hilly out and back course.
17 degrees. Not ideal but pretty good conditions none the less. Certainly beats the heat and the rain which Melbourne has experienced lately.


I ran the first half a bit harder than usual. Took a slightly different route which incorporated a number of hills which I normally do not run up. Harder the better I suppose.

Really tried to pick up the pace from 12 Km and ran the last 8 Kms about 5 seconds faster than race pace. Does not sound like much but I felt I was really pushing it.

I really attacked the last Km and ran that in 4.35. ( it included a small hill I may add). Does not sound that flash but I felt I was putting in a decent effort.

Pushed the pace going up the hills today and even tried to go hard down the hills. Well hard for me. I am a terrible down hill runner !

Generally am happy with today’s run. I tried hard ( especially on the way home)and did I not give up.
But on the other hand I am SO slow. 😦

I was very sore after today’s run. I wore my second best pair of light racing flats. I think running the hills hard this morning caused most of the pain.


Weight is 64.0 Kgm…almost 141 pounds.

Not long until the Paris Marathon. I leave for Tokyo for some final training in a week !!
I will Taper in London then it is on to France for the race.


All replies welcome.

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