Marathon : Long Run done.


Ran what I call ‘ long ‘ this morning. Some runners run 38 or even 40 Km as their long runs but I do not think that is for me. I would rather save my strenght to run 38/40 for the Marathon Race. Instead I ran around 32 Km today.
This will be my last ‘ long ‘ run before the Paris MarThon on April 12 th.

Today’s run was not particularly taxing and I managed to finish fairly strongly. But on the other hand I was pleased to finish. 32 Km may not sound like a massive distance but I still find it a fair effort.


Reasonably good conditions this morning. Started about 13 degrees and finished at 16. Over cast and threatening rain but no rain after the first few minutes.

Again I did not take any Gels but had a lozenges at the start and at 14 Km. Also stopped for a drink at 24/25 Km. I think having a drink helped although I could probably have run much the same without any water.

Weight was 63.3 Kgm ( just over 139 pounds).
Probably could get lighter but I will not worry about that now.
When I am back from Japan in May I will work harder in the gym.


Today is Saturday. On Wednesday night I will go to Tokyo and spend a few days there getting used to the cooler weather. Then off to London…a few days there…bit of a taper….then over to Paris.


All replies welcome.

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