PARISH MARATHON : Taper of sorts


Arrived at my Tokyo home yesterday. I will stay in Japan until Tuesday ( it is now Friday).I will then go to London until Friday. Take the Euro star ( Train) to Paris on Friday morning in anticipation of the Paris Marathon on Sunday.

Here is a photo of my apartment building in Tokyo.I am on the 19 th floor.


WEDNESDAY :In Melbourne I ran 20 Km with Tamami over a fairly hilly course. I did not push too hard. Temperature was 27 degrees which was a bit too hot for me. But it will be a lot cooler in France. Generally I found this a good run.Felt very good.


FLIGHT: It is about 10 hours from Melbourne to Tokyo. Flight was scheduled for 11.45 PM but was delayed until 12.45 and in fact we did not get underway until after 1 AM.
Not that good for me.
During the flight I became very unwell. Not sure if it was late flight,20 Km in the heat or even my stretching at 4 in the morning ( night).
Whatever I recovered.

THURSDAY: Only a very short jog in Tokyo. Smart move I think.
Walked around and took the usual photos of Cherry Blossom trees ( Sakura ).


FRIDAY: TODAY: Going out for a fancy lunch. Later in the day I will run 10 Km wearing my light weight racing shoes.

TAPER: Can not say I am feeling light and relaxed. The flight here was a bit of a downer. But I think once I get out into the Tokyo streets I will start to feel a bit more chipper.


All replies welcome.

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