MARATHON : Paris on Sunday


Now in my apartment in Toyko I am packed and ready to leave for London tomorrow morning.
On Friday I go to Paris to run the marathon.

TAPER: I am not sure what is the best way to Taper. However this is what I am doing this time around.


On WEDNESDAY I ran a hilly 20 Km on a hot day. I found that reasonably easy.In fact to tell the truth I felt great.
The same day I went to Tokyo … I was not feeling great on the flight. Leaving after 1 AM probably did not help me. I think more water would have helped me. I did not drink on the run and this could have been a mistake.

On FRIDAY I ran for an hour with Tamami through the streets of Tokyo. We did not go that fast but it was far from a walk. I wore my light weight racing shoes and generally felt good.
I could have run faster and wanted to but held back. I felt fantastic really.


HOWEVER an hour after finishing Friday evening’s run my left ankle started to hurt. This pain stayed with me for more than a day and was hurting during the night. It hurt a lot.
I think maybe my light shoes were to blame.

On SUNDAY I assisted Tamami with her final long run before the Manchester Marathon in two weeks time. She ran 30 Km very strongly.A lot of the run was in heavy rain.
I ran 10 Km with her….then later ran a further 5 Km. Temptation was to run longer but I held back.


I wore my HEAVIER shoes and will now race in them on Sunday. Certainly the lighter ones are faster but it is a risk. Marathons should not be for taking risks. The ones I will use on Sunday are not as heavier as my training shoes in Melbourne.


Ran part of Sunday’s run with our friend Mutsumi San.


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