Marathon Report : Paris 2015


I was disappointed with the result. True there were positives. I finished strongly in the last Km.I improved 5 minutes on the Toyko Marathon I ran a few weeks ago.I smashed the 4 hour barrier(!).It was my second fastest time since I made a Marathon comeback after a 23 year break.My injuries did not slow me. BUT generally running at this pace is not how I see myself.

PRE RACE…..Breakfast in the hotel. Two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee.

AT the START…..I lined up with the 3.30 runners though I did not expect to run that pace. We seemed to stand around for a very long time.

START TO 5 Km: 27.22
Despite the number of people( said to be 55,000) I had no trouble running. I was a bit scared of going too fast. I held back and was slower than my race plan pace.

5 Km to 10 Km : 26.54
I ran a little faster. No great effort.Felt a little bored. I took a throat lozenges to give me a little energy.

10 Km to 15 Km : 26.34
Felt a little sick at 11 Km and decided to take some water at 15 Km. Earlier than usual but the sun was out and I was getting warm.

15 Km to 20 Km 26.21
Felt really good after drinking and ran the next Km in 5.04.
My Garmin then died which upset me and perhaps confused my pace in the second half.

HALF WAY 1-53.06
I did not know this time as the was no clock. It felt easy. I thought it would have been faster.

20 Km to 25 Km 27.00
Without my Garmin I slipped a few seconds.
It was getting hot.It was moving towards midday.
Felt ok and looking forward to lifting the pace at 30 Km.
Decided to have another drink at 30 Km.
Took a second throat lozenges.
I was finding the run boring.
I decided not to have a race gel even though I was carrying two packets.

25km to 30 Km 27.39
We ran through a number of tunnels…four I think.
One was very long and I felt quite sick at the end.
I was a bit slower but felt I was going ok.Still no real idea of pace.

I did not think course was as flat as claimed.
Did not like running over the cobble stones….I complain a lot.

30km to 35 Km. : 29.24
I was running well up to around 33 Km and then felt weak.
Just before 35 Km I walked through the drink station and drank almost a bottle of water. It was a long drink station and this walk almost finished me.
Having a second drink probably helped me but I did not think so at the time.

35 Km to 40 Km : 29.30
Felt terrible. Slowed to a jog. Just struggling to get to 40 Km. No idea of my time and no idea of my pace other than it was slow. Felt very tired and weak.
Just wanted to get the whole think finished.
Felt upset at how weak I was.

40 Km to Finish : ?
40 Km was again a survival shuffle. I must have looked terrible.I still passed people but probably some passed me….I was beyond caring.

Last Km I picked up the pace and forced myself to run with a bit of style.Passed a lot of people…although some tall young character carrying a selfie stick passed me…..I have sunk so low!!
Gotta look good for the photo.

I bowed to the course on finishing even though I was upset at my weakness after 34 Km.

No idea of my time until the results were published.

I finished about 14,000…. Kind of sad.



2 thoughts on “Marathon Report : Paris 2015

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy it, but well done for smashing 4 hours! That is a great achievement so don’t be too hard on yourself. I hope you are recovering well. x

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