Race Report. Half Marathon in Sydney.


I ran the Sydney Half Marathon on Sunday just 4 weeks after the Paris Marathon.
Not sure why I really entered this race. It did seem a good idea at the time and was probably a good way to get back into running.
Anyway I had my hotel and airfare booked so I really had little choice.

Unfortunately I had a cold which I caught coming back to Melbourne from Japan. Normally I shake such off fairly quickly but this time I had a persistent cough and sore chest.


Day was cold but there was no rain.

RACE : First Half.
The idea of this race is to start the runners off in waves.
I was in the semi slow group some of which were very slow.
Results show 9290 finishers ( compared with 40,000 in Paris) but I found myself unable to move.Far more crowded than France. I ran the first Km in 5.35 and the second in 5.59. I was constantly having to run around people. Not much fun.Made me feel a little sicker than I really was.

The course consisted of up hills which I am bad at and down hills which I am terrible at. Also lots of turns.

Some large young guy ran into me and smashed my favourite running sun glasses !

I was in 4767 th place at half way running 5.26 per Km. 😦

I tried in my own slow way to attack the many hills.
A lot of the faster group who started 5 minutes in front of me where pretty slow so I was running into their backs almost the whole way.

There were no Km markers only a ‘ funny ‘ sign which said ” Your legs are not really tired”. Another sign said ” you have run more than half way “.

I managed to improve my position by 2038 people. Finishing 2729 th.
The second half run at 5.10 pace.Not too bad as I felt the hills were bigger in the second half.

I finished 37 th in my age group out of 166. OK I suppose.

My last 5 Kms were…4.32…5.08…4.47….5.04…5.14
Could have run faster at the end but even in the last Km there were people everywhere.

I made a real effort to push the second half.
Tried to run ‘ fast’ despite the crowds.

FINISHING time….My clock said 1-51.39. Hellishly slow I know but I was reasonably happy.Its a start of sorts I suppose.

Wore my new Yellow compression sox. 🙂
I am sure that helped.


Saw the guy who smashed my glasses walking up a hill at about 16 Km. Karma. 🙂


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