On Track : Athletic Track that is.


Last night I raced on the track for the first time since…since when ?
Anyway I raced with the East Burwood Masters….of which I am a member and which is efficiently organized by club mate and friend Peter.

I did ok winning fairly comfortably. I am very slow but it is a start of sorts.
Aim is to get by time per Km down to less than 4 minutes a Km.
Running of the track is a lot diffrent to plonking around the roads at 5 minute plus pace.

Started doing my sit-ups and stomach crunches again
Yesterday 100 push ups and 300 stomach crunches.

I will race again tomorrow with my Melbourne Athletic club Old Scotch. Even though the season is well underway it will be my first race this year.

Anyway a fairly easy day with a 20 minute jog to the gym
Pushed weights for 50 or so minutes. Also 300 crunches on the exercise ball.


Jogged home.
Turns my legs over I suppose.
I would normally do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.But these machine s were all occupied and I though I can afford to skip with the race tomorrow. ( excuse !!)

Currently 65.9 kilos. I hope to get this down.
Tamami left me lunch whilst she played Golf. This was very nice and hopefully did not make me too much fatter.


I am monitoring it 24 hours a day now.



All replies welcome.

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