Race yesterday: Interclub Race


Yesterday I ran for my Melbourne Club, Old Scotch,in what is known as The Wise Mini Marathons.11 Clubs compete in a Half Marathon,a 10 Km or 5Km. I chose the 5 Km race.My third race in 6 days.

Cross Country season is well underway but I have missed all the early races running a Marathon in Paris and a Half Marathon in Sydney last Sunday.

Race was ok I suppose although I am still very slow and unused to moving faster than a slow jog.

Ran the first Km in 4.18 which was an ok pace for me considering my average on the track in the Thursday Night Race was 4.19 per Km. Saturday ‘s first Km was partly up a hill.

Unfortunately after the first Km I really struggled. There were only 40 runners in my race and by half way the continuous hills had pretty much exhausted me. I was in 14 th place but really just cannon fodder for the runners behind me. Everyone was out of sight so I was kind of running by myself but waiting to be chopped down.

Heart rate graph tells the story. ( The first spike is for the 3 Km I ran in the morning before the race).


After about 3 Km two young guys from Caulfield school passed me and then Association President came by. He is 20 years younger than me …but that is really no excuse. A young women from my club passed me with a Km to go. I really had nothing.

Ran the last Km in 4.26 and finished in just over 23 minutes. 😦

Finished in 18 th place ( out of 40 ). I won my age group. There was apparently some sort of handicap race in which I finished 11 th. No prizes for the slow !

A start I suppose. I know I can run faster….but that means nothing unless I do so.

I think the thing is that if one wants to run at a faster pace one must actually go out and run at that pace. Plonking around the streets alone in the dark is not the way.


TODAY I took the day off and ran an easy 10 Km.

Tomorrow I will run 16 Km and surge of the hills.

All replies welcome.

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