Running….but maybe not enough


I have been woeful at writing my blog as of late. So today an update of the last week or so.
Pretty cold here in Melbourne.But that is really no excuse for my average training.I know I need to do more….just being lazy….but from today….

So for what it it’s worth here is a summary of my last week or so.

MONDAY : 8.5 Km + Mi chan. Did not time. Strong finish.

TUESDAY: 20 minute jog.
Gym…weights…40 minutes
Elliptical machine …30 minutes
Jog 20 minutes.

10 short hills after 3 Km jog warm up.
Found this hard.


Ran a 3 Km race with the Masters on the track.
Pace too fast.

Ran to gym and pushed heavier weights for 45 minutes.
30 minutes on Elliptical Machine….pushed this.
Ran home…about 20 minutes.
PM : Ran easy 5 Km…..third run for the day.


SATURDAY: 3 Km around the streets…legs felt heavy

SUNDAY: Group run with friends
Ran first 20 Km ok but then ran out of energy.Ran the last 5 Km as a death march. Didn’t really drop the pace too much but it was a struggle. Pulse rate at 192 which is no doubt a tad high.Felt really really sick once home….but maybe just hungry.
Still it was great to get with other runners….an enjoyable morning.


MONDAY: Recovery run…just under an hour in very cold conditions….heavy rain for part.
Felt that miserable conditions made up for being a bit weak yesterday.

TUESDAY: 10 hills after 2.5 Km jog warm up. Tried hard and felt a bit ill.


TODAY: Have yet to run….a medium long run is what is needed I think.


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