Running training….often hard


Yesterday was Wednesday so I thought a medium long run would be the order of the day.
However going out by myself and running for two hours in the wind and the rain….. Not to mention the cold. Did not really appeal.
I know two hours running does not sound much rain or no rain. But I lacked the Will power to get out onto the wet Melbourne roads and do such. 😦

I decided to do a sort of time trial instead.
I ran about 6 Kms to a circular gravel track and there I timed myself over two miles ( 3.2 Kms).
It was a hilly course and as soon as I started I felt I was running too fast for my limited ability.It was hard and hurt…it hurt early….I wondered if this may not have been so smart an idea.

Despite feeling pretty bad I Limped around in 14.35. So there is my time for that course. Beat it next time.
I had planned to do another lap as a warm down but felt too sick.
Simply jogged around 6 Km home.
Actually felt really good with three Km to go and increased my pace. Hopefully faster than my usual 5 min per Km plod.

Decided to take it easy. Went to the gym and did my longest session this year.


I upped my dumbells to 16 kilos each. This is the first time I have even touched the 16 kilo guys! Went ok I suppose.

NOW: It is very dark and very cold and raining heavily.
Time for a run me thinks. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Running training….often hard

  1. Jon, interesting that your pulse gets to 192. I’m a couple of years older but never see more than high 130s. I know that I don’t push myself as close to the limits as I used to. My resting pulse is mid 40s.

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