Running…but enough ?


I have been putting a bit more time in on the road. But still I can not be accused of doing ‘ too much’. Tomorrow however I am trying for what I call ‘ a long run’. But more of that later.This is what I have been up to in the last three days.

THURSDAY : After a long gym session in the morning( actually my longest for the year)I went running in very heavy rain.
Before you go out into the rain it is easy to think what a hero you are. But after half an hour getting completely soaked you think more about what a dope you are to be out alone in the cold and the dark getting drowned. 🙂

Still I managed 7 Km.
An ok effort as I no longer wear rain protection gear….just light T shirt and shorts..I need to be able to handle hard conditions.


FRIDAY: I had planned to take myself out for two hours. Did my usual Holmesglen Garden Centre run in 1.01 but instead of a U turn as is my normal action I ran home a different way.
This was along the main roads which although hilly seemed to be faster. I tried to push the hills although my legs felt a bit weak.
Ran 1-48. Finished ok.
Hassle was crossing roads….I will not do this again.


TODAY: My club’s association had a race today. 8 Km cross country. A few hills.
I took it very easy and ran with Tamami San. Pace was 5.02 minutes Per Km.
Enjoyed the run with Mi chan and felt no great stress. was surprised how easy it was.
BUT…it was ONLY 8 Km… I have a long way to go….


TOMORROW: It is time to bite the bullet. Put my cards on the table. Move outside the square.
I will try 30 Km around Albert Park Lake.
6 laps.
Boring plus but no roads and no hills.
I think I can do this….but talk is cheap.
I have Tamami,Julz and friend Rob to help me….I may need all the help I can get.


All replies welcome.

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