Reasonable run in hard conditions


On the one hand I did not run 30 Km as planned however on the other hand I ran ok for 20 Km in very very windy conditions. Then another 5 Km at a more moderate pace.

This morning I ran around Albert Park lake. Each lap is about 5 Km. For the second half of each lap I ran into a very strong headwind.
My Heart rate reflects the effort.


First lap ( 5km ) ran alone.

Second lap with Tamami. We both found headwind hard. She then took a break.

Third lap with friend Rob…actually I snuck behind him and drafted a bit into the wind.We seemed to be running faster each Km.

Fourth lap with Tamami again..lifted the pace. She ran about 5m ahead of me so I had someone to chase.Very helpful

After 20 Km I had pretty much had it.
I met Julz and we ran another lap.My fifth.
She dragged me to the finish.

Total around 25 Km.


It was an ok run even if less than what I wanted.

Looking at my Km times on my Garmin it shows I did not really slow much whilst running into the wind. However it sure felt hard

Average pace was 5.25 which is ok for me at this stage.

Having pacers with me really helped.

My week has been quite heavy ( again heavy for me at this stage).

This week I have run a tempo run,a hill session,a time trial,a run in heavy rain,a Race, had a long weights session in the gym and have done two runs over 20 Kms.


All replies welcome.

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