Medium Long Run.


After a less than inspiring 25 Km run around Albert Park Lake on Sunday I took an easy day on Monday undertaking only a short jog.

Tuesday was hill day and today ( Wednesday ) was a medium long run.

Ran my usual 2.5 Km warm up and then walked down a short sharp hill.
Tried to ‘ sprint ‘ up and then jog down the other side. U turn and run up again. No stops. Did this 10 times.
Found this very hard and felt sick afterwards.

TODAY: Plan was to run 24kms ( 15 miles ) at three quarter place. Not too hard but by no means a jog.
My thinking on this is that 16 Km would be too short whilst 32 Km for a mid week run would just be too hard.
Maintain a brisk pace over an extended period.That is what I was looking for.

Run today took me 2 hours 15 minutes which is pretty much on plan.
Ran the last Km in 4.58 Km which was a little faster than I would have liked but pleasing to be able to do.


After the run I was not exactly 100% and felt a bit sick. Probably I was just hungry.The last Km was run at a faster pace than the rest of the run probably made me feel a little off as well. In fact the second last Km was my second fastest.

Heart rate was quite high.


Weight 64.3 Kgm. Acceptable at this stage.

here is another pic from Saturday’s race. I used this simply as a training run so no great stress.



All replies welcome.

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