Long Run : Not that flash.


Decided to run my Long Run on Saturday this week. Unfortunately it again did not go particularly well.

Yesterday ( Friday ) I took it very easy.
In the morning I pushed weights in the gym for an hour.
In the afternoon I ran 3 Km with Tamami San.

TODAY: Plan was to run for two hours by myself and then meet with Tamami San and run another hour with her.
Run went OK to start with and in fact I was almost two minutes better than my latest run when I made the turn.
Ran reasonably will back to the meeting place with Tamami.
A reasonably hilly course. A couple of roads which proved difficult to cross with out slowing down or stopping to allow for traffic.

Heart rate graph shows my effort.


Despite running ok for the first two hours I just could not face another hour.

Ran just 30 minutes with Tamami San. Felt faster than it probably was. Last Km 5.18 .
Good finish…..but that was really what it was…the finish. 😦


I am finding the duration of these runs hard.
Not a particularly good day.
Need to be stronger both mentally and physically.
Running for only two and a half hours is simply not good enough.

Weight now 64.9 Kgm.


All replies welcome.

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