Long Run recovery.


After a none too inspiring run yesterday where I managed only two and a half hours I needed time to recover. I am passed the stage where I run long and the next day run again in pain. now I rest.

Accordingly I went to the gym first thing this morning and pushed weights up and down. More than 70 minutes which is a lot for me these days. Can’t say I get much joy out of this. I did however use the 14 kilos dumbells for a short while.
Quite a bit if ab work as well.


Tamami was out playing golf all day againtoday but she left me lunch which was very much appreciated. Sometimes I am so hungry these days that I feel sick.
As well as resting more I am now taking in the fuel….meaning eating.


Legs felt very sore and my toes were bruised from yesterday’s so called Long Run.However I pushed myself out the door and ran 6 Km. First Km was very painful but after that I seemed to lift and ran the last 5 Km quite well.
It was not really cold but I still felt the wind.I was shivering before I started !


My heart rate seems to be ok. Certainly my fitbit band indicates when I am putting in an effort.


Hopefully I can do a bit better next week.

All replies welcome.

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