Running Schedule Overview.


Not feeling super good at the moment. Not sure if it’s the cold….lack of food…sleepless nights…miserable long run…increasing the amount of weight I am lifting…the doubling of stomach exercises….
Or maybe it is just in my mind.I still feel a little upset over my inability to run for any length of time.

TODAY: Monday.
Decided to be smart for once and have a rest.
Ran a solid 3 Km. Heart Rate shows how easy it was.


Monday: short easy jog
Tuesday: Easy 2.5 Km jog. Hill sprints x 10
Wednesday: Medium Long Run 25 Km
Thursday: Steady run with Mi chan. Approx. 60 minutes
Friday : Gym 60 minutes
Run 3 Km easy
Saturday: Planned long run but gave up after 2 and half hours
Sunday :Gym 75 minutes
Run 6 Km.slow start solid finish.

My aim is to gather my will power and finish a long run.
I also have a club race on Saturday…..pretty short with a killer hill. Probably too short for me.

All replies welcome.

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