Training: building some strength. And maybe speed.


Nowadays I need more recovery time after each bit of exercise.
Accordinly I played it fairly easily today as far as my legs were concerned at least.No long runs will hopefully refresh my legs for some upcoming long hard runs in the near future.

With Tamami away on the golf course from an early hour, after breakfast alone I really had nothing much I wanted to do.
Went to the gym and pushed weights for almost 70 minutes.I just do not have the mental strength to stay longer.
I increased the weight being lifted near the end until my arms were shaking.
Did a fair amount of ab work. Bit of pain for a while afterwards.


Ran my usual 2.5 Km warm up and then ran my usual set of 10 hills with a jog down.
I do not time each hill but rather the total duration of the exercise.
Today was my fastest time. Although it could be that I just tried harder.
Felt really really sick at the end. Not sure I really want to feel like this too often.A little dizzy as well.


So today was a fair enough day I suppose.
Certainly a very quiet day….I never speak to anyone in the gym. Running up the hills I usually feel so bad that I CAN NOT talk to anyone,even if I was not alone.

Did not stress my legs today which is a positive in a way.


All replies welcome.

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