Running: Building towards….


My aim today was just to get out and do something. Have not been feeling super good as of late so I wanted to push myself a bit.

Tamami off at a Tea Ceremony. Rather than spend the whole day home alone I went to the gym and pushed weights.
Gym was it’s usual boring self but I think I tried hard and lifted heavier weights than last time.

Lunch alone again but Tamami had left me something to eat so I did not starve.


It was a very cold and windy in Melbourne today. Not the type of day for a long run by myself.
I did not really feel like doing any running so decided to just run my usual 60 minute run. 30 minute out and 30 minute back. Mindless but it would get a few Km into my legs.

Felt pretty miserable at the start and certainly felt the wind. Both legs sore.

Felt heavy and slow at the start. However I found myself running a lot better after half way.Despite feeling a little sick I ran ok ( for me) for the last 5 Km.

About 1500m from home I met Tamami running the other way. She helped me keep the pace up and I finished strongly.

Run time was just over 55 minutes. By far my fastest. Maybe I will have to start calling my hour run,my 55 minute run. 🙂


Not a bad day exercise wise.
In the gym I worked hard and the run after starting badley finished ok.

I certainly pushed myself at the end of the run.Took me a few minutes to recover although my heart rate went down ok after I stopped running.



All replies welcome.

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