Running : Cold on the road.


Not really that cold today at 10 degrees but the wind chill factor made it feel pretty miserable out of doors in Melbourne this afternoon.

No desire to run today. Just could not get up any enthusiasm. A bit disappointed in my running.

Finally got out the door late in the afternoon.
Immediately felt bad. Chest hurt and trouble breathing.Hills hurt even if I was not running them all that hard.

I know the idea with running long distances is that you feel better as you go on. But it’s hard to believe this when you are running alone into the cold and dark. At 5 Km I was struggling and felt sick.

Took a gel at around 11 Km.
After making the U turn I started to feel a lot better.Started to be able breath better.
Pushed up the hills and really got my heart rate up.


As it started to get dark with 3 Km to run I met Tamami.
I was running quite well when I met her but we certainly ran hard to the end.
Tamami ran the last hills really well and I really had to push myself to stay ahead.


Felt a bit rough at the end but did not faint ( or die I suppose ) so that was a good result.


All replies welcome.

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