Running: Out and Back training.


Yesterday I ran a circular rather hilly course of about 8 Km. When I got to the end I did a U turn and ran the same course in the opposite direction.
A reasonable run.
Heart Rate did not go through the roof even though I felt I was pushing it,especially on the hills.


Finding the first 5,6,7 Kms of every run these days quite hard. I was struggling yesterday. Cold and wind did not help although in truth it could have been a lot worse weather conditions wise.
I know in my heart that if I can just get through the first uncomfortable bit of running I will start to feel better the longer I run for. I just have to have the Will power to keep going.

At the half way point yesterday I met Tamami and she ran the final 8 Km with me. She moved quite well and I certainly felt the pace was increased. I ran the second half 2 minutes faster than the first….but of course this could have been just because I smelt home. 🙂 It was. great to have someone else out there with me whilst I ran.

I finished strongly which was good. Nowadays after each run it takes me a little while to recover. Meaning I walk along the road gasping and then sit on the edge of the bath gasping.


WEIGHT : 66.4 Kgm. Not super light but I am not worrying about it too much.


All replies welcome.

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