MARATHON : Melbourne Marathon October 18 th


I have 15 weeks between the Gold Coast marathon and the Melbourne Marathon.

I am making sure that my first priority is a full recovery. Hold off training until my mind and body have recovered from the awful performance in the Gold Coast Marathon.

I plan to take two weeks ” off”.
I was pretty fit before my last Marathon and I don’t think all that fitness disappears completely during a spell of easy running.


Monday : Very short jog day after Marathon.Legs sore.
Tuesday : Another short jog.
Swimming in a very cold pool ( my Tri days are over for sure)


Wednesday : Gym…51 minutes of pushing weights and ab exercises
Stationary Bike…15 minutes easy
Run….slow 3km

Thursday. : Gym….55 minutes
Stationary Bike…22 minutes
Run…easy 3 Km.


Friday : Run 3km a little bit faster than previous
Saturday : Short jog
Sunday : Run….6 Km…in the rain. Ok.

So today is the start of the second week of my recovery.

Feeling pretty good but that is probably because I am not doing much.

PARIS & GOLD COAST Marathons were disappointing. My plan is to a lot better in the Melbourne Marathon. It will be my 14 th Melbourne Marathon.



All replies welcome.

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