Marathon : Recovery.


I am taking two weeks off after the Gold Coast marathon. Today is the Thursday of the second week.
On Monday I will start training again for the Melbourne Marathon on October 18 th.
But for now it is just rest and recovery. I am making recovery my number one priority.

Gym : 60 minutes:Upper body weight lifting including 500 crunches on the exercise ball.
Run: 6 Kms. Plan was to run fairly slowly but messed it up and ran two minutes faster than on Tuesday. Not good.

Run : 6kms. 30 seconds slower than yesterday but still too fast.

Resting Heart Rate up but I suppose I can lower that when I start running again.


WEIGHT : 67.4 Kgm. Heavier than I would have liked but again there is not too much to worry about. Once I start exercising I can drop it down.

Tamami was home for lunch for the first time this week today. As always I get a decent lunch but today I did not have to eat it alone.


Looking forward to running again. But I am trying to be smart for once and not rush it. Rest and Recovery is the name of the game.


All replies welcome.

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